Monday 24 December 2007

V5 VS V3

On January of 2007, we started to design a new Warehouse Management System Extreme V5 to replace the Biztrak Extreme V3.

A baby was finally born after ten month pregnancy! Extreme V5 go live finally as planned before.

The V5’s practicability, stability, dependability and speed were improved compare to V3.

1. Practicability

We redesign the user interface of V5, compare to V3, V5’s user interface is more elegance, concision and exchange.

V3’s user interface: have to open few windows to complete a transaction input. Header and details were divided into two windows.

V5’s user interface: Header and details are in the same window, it is clear at a glance.

It is no doubt to say that everybody has different working style. Because of that
we make the new system with the character of retractility. User can arrange the detail’s column freely according to their favour. Besides, user can choose to hide certain item, indeed can differentiate certain item by using colours. This system has design “UserBehaviorMemorial” which cater to different user’s working habit. That’s mean the system will save the user setting preference into the system when user log out. This system will load the user setting preference automatically when user log in next time.

2. Stability

Extreme V5 was design with the latest Microsoft Dot Net Frame Work, so V5’s stability in Windows XP is better than V3.Besides Extreme V5 also compatible with latest OS Windows Vista.

3. Reliability

We recheck the old Database Store Procedure , correct the old problems. Besides, we change the Store Procedure to the new C# dot net code. It helps us to debug faster and efficiently.

4. Speed

The new system has better speed performance because we have use the latest Microsoft Dot Net Frame Work and improve the database access method.

According to the test, V3 spend 10.2 seconds to display 1000 records but V5 just need 3.9 seconds. The speed performance has improved 150% or above.

Extreme V5 has a good gene. We as parent feel proud when we look at our child (Extreme V5). However, our strive will not stop here. We will keep on improve the system until it grow up become a complete and perfect Warehouse Management System.


今年一月为了破旧立新,我们开始着手设计了新的库存管理系统 Warehouse Management System Extreme V5 用来取代旧有的 Biztrak Extreme V3

经过怀胎十月,妈妈终于都自然分娩啦!新的Extreme V5在十一月成功诞生了!

比起v3, 新的Extreme V5有更好的方便性、稳定性、可靠性和速度。

1. 方便性

V5 重新设计了使用界面,比起V3 V5 拥有更漂亮,简洁,易用的界面。

V3的使用介面: 必须开多个窗口来完成一项输入;表头和细节分开两个窗口。

V5 的使用界面:表头和细节在同一个窗口,一目了然。

每个人都有不同的做事方式,我们把新程序创造得平易近人及具伸缩性。使用者可以自由调整细节的显示项目的顺序,以及显示/隐藏特定的项目, 甚至可以用颜色来分别特定的项目。本程序为了配合各个使用者的使用方式而设计了“用户使用习惯记忆功能”(UserBehaviorMemorial)。这个智能程序会自动载入使用者之前的习惯设定。

2. 稳定性

Extreme V5是使用了最新的微软”dot net frame work”, 配合视窗XP的稳定性比V3更好,它甚至能兼容最新的视窗Vista


我们重新检查旧有的“Database Store Procedure, 更正了旧有的问题。以及把旧有的“Store Procedure”转移成新的C# dot net 代码,这有助于我们以后除错“DEBUG”,更快更有效率。


因为使用了最新的微软”dot net frame work”, 以及改进了database 的存取方式。新的系统有更好的速度表现。

根据测试V3显示一千条的纪录所需要的时间是10.2 秒, V5 只需要3.9 秒,速度的表现提升了150%以上。

Extreme V5拥有良好的基因,作为人母的我们,看着自己的仔仔V5时都觉得安慰与骄傲。虽然如此,但我们不会因此而松懈,我们会继续改进该系统,让它健康的成长,进而成为一个完美的库存管理系统

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