Tuesday 26 August 2008

What's new in 6.5.8

Most of the new features in version 6.5.8 is for MCC Guangzhou project.

- Enhanced import summary result so that user can throw away their calculator.

- There are two types of MCC Tally Form (盲收單) available in MCC build. The default MCC Tally form is now according to warehouse of the selected WM Receive document.

- When user exported MCC EDI files, the program will move older files to a predefined archive folder. In this version, the program will only move those files that created by Extreme and not others.

- Add Document Date in "Update Issue Header Information"

- Unchecked EDI files in the MCC Import screen will not be moved to archive folder.

- During MCC import process, if the program encounter any data integrity issue (ie. article in PO is not found in Extreme Item profile), the EDI files will be moved to a PENDING folder.

- The program is now able to determine if an imported PO is a normal Purchase Order or a Goods Return Order from MCC. (logistic type of PO header)

- F+V (Fruits and Vegetables) Tally Form is group by First letter of Pinyin of Item Name.

- "Order Distribution List" is view only if the PO does not belong to F+V warehouse.

- In the previous version, there is no popup of "OK" message box after "Release & Posting" has successfully completed.

- There is planned delivery date field in MCC PO header, it will now be imported as Shipment Date Time of ASN Header.

- Inserted datetime of WM Receive and WM Order should be date and time of importing EDI files.

- There is now counter in WM Order header to store number of time the particular Order has been generated to Issue and Picking.

- Import MCC PO to ASN with Posted status.