Monday 17 March 2014

Request of Truck

Most of the time, a warehouse is built to store stuff within a duration and shipped out in time to come. The duration can be short or long, subject to type of product and the business itself.

Most third party warehouses in Malaysia today isn't just for storage but logistics service as a whole. Hence, the value of a warehouse/logistics provider isn't just to provide a storage space but most importantly, delivering product to the end customer (or whatever it suppose to be).

It has been a standard feature in Xtreme WMS to help user to track ACTUAL vehicle number, truck driver, the mode and capacity of the vehicle and etc in our Issue program.

The point is, the Capacity or Mode of transport can be different between the original request and the actual delivery.

For example, you may request the transport company to deliver product with a one (1) ton truck, however, there are cases where transport company doesn't have a one (1) ton truck to spare at that moment but a three (3) ton truck. In this case, Xtreme WMS Issue module is made to record the truck that made the delivery, in which a 3-ton truck.

In some cases, we need to know the original request and how is it mapped to the actual delivery later. Such link of information is vital, especially for billing of logistic service.

In order to fulfill the requirement, we made a new module by the name of "Request of Truck" and shipped in Xtreme WMS version 8.1.14.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Barcode Scanning Test with Intermec CK3R

We were testing handheld Intermec CK3R a week ago, we find it very stable and it also delivers the speed that the industry need.

Barcode Scanning Test with Intermec from Teng Yong on Vimeo.

For more information: Please see product information of Intermec CK3R here.

Monday 10 March 2014

Real-time Pallet Location Tracking Solution with Panasonic Toughbook

In a warehouse, knowing where the product is sometimes isn't sufficient, very often a warehouse operator is required to ship product in FIFO (First-IN-First-OUT) or FEFO (First EXPIRE First OUT) manner.

In IGLO , every pallet is given an unique number and we track location (or bin) of each pallet. As there are more than thousand of pallets being put away or moved in a day, getting pallet location up-to-date by manual data entry is a challenge. Hence, we developed a very easy-to-use program to let our forklift driver update pallet location and transmit through WiFi to the application server. With such, IGLO can now have up-to-date pallet location accuracy.

[Figure 1 - Reach Truck with heated cabin which makes Barcode scanning impractical]

[Figure 2 - A Panasonic Toughbook mounted on IGLO's reach truck]

[Figure 3 - Ultra easy-to-use User Interface]

[Figure 4 - Pallet Location Update records in Xtreme WMS]

Watch below video to see how a pallet being updated.

Warehouse Pallet Location Updating with Panasonic Toughbook from Teng Yong on Vimeo.