Friday 26 March 2010

What's new in 7.0.10


1. Add new column [Consignment Note No.] in Issue Header

2. Add new column [Rejected Quantity] and rename column [Received Quantity] with [Returned Quantity] in Proof of Delivery.

3. Add new column [Item Name2] in Item Profile, New Customer Wizard, Item Profile Wizard and Import Item UI.

4. Add new columns [Palletize] and [Maximum_Ton] in Consignee Profile.

5. Add new column [Remark] in Import Receive.

6. Customer Profile in Setting allows to be filtered by [Activate] column.

7. Add an icon to indicate whether Proof of Delivery in Issue Header has content.

8. Disable OK Button in Update Issue Header UI if there is no amendment.

9. Transfer Reports of Pick List Summary and Loading List Details add in [Serial No.] info.

10. Issue Report of Dispatch Note add in [Total Weight Nett] info if option of display item weight is checked.

11. Add security role for Issue Generate Receive, Issue Generate CDN and Issue Details: Generate Details by Ledger.

12. Tidy up Xtreme Menus' title for business document, make sure it is same as Report title.

Bugs Fixed

1. UI Bug Fixed: Transfer exports to file shows error [System.Object not handled].

2. UI Bug Fixed: Issue Details Generate Receive show error [Missing Type ID].

3. UI Bug Fixed: Issue Details Posted and Generate Receive show error [Missing Type ID].

4. UI Bug Fixed: New personal message does not pop up when system starts.

5. UI Bug Fixed: Import UI will truncate data for those columns' length exceed 20 characters.

6. UI Bug Fixed: If message in Message Profile exceeds maximum length, system will prompt [String will be truncated].

7. UI Bug Fixed: Column Properties show ID Column for Wizard and Setting UI.

New Features

1. Inventory Balance Screen can now Print Label and view Print History.

2. Able to select multiple documents and view Print History.

3. Add new columns [Total Gross Weight], [Total Nett Weight] and [Total Cubage] in Issue Header (calculated in OPEN status).

4. Add new column [Fully Applied] in Issue Header for filtering purpose.

5. Issue Generates Receive allows to bring over the information for selected Header Info (checkbox for field selection). Users can also save the preference of selected Header Info into XML file.