Thursday 30 September 2010

What's new in 7.1.10 (Aug 26 and 9.30)


1. Source code cannot be changed once a document is saved.

2. Added "Total Quantity" and "Sum" in "Batch Update Transfer Details"

3. "Transport Departure Datetime" is made to be a mandatory filed for Issue Module.

4. Additional blank space of Code and Name in Customer Branch will be trimmed before saved.

5. You can now have customized sequence of fields for Importing Item Profile

6. Able to duplicate more than one copy.

7. Prevent SQL Injection.

Bugs Fixed:-

1. Delete Issue Header was not recorded in Deletion Log
2. Search Wizard Deleted Document
3. Double Click on exclamation mark of Consignee and Supplier Profile Datagrid does not show filter criteria.
4. Import Issue does not import pallet no if pallet type value is blank.
5. There was an error message reads "Same customer item with different supplier must have same data for other columns" on saving customer item.
6. Can't add Address State to a Consignee Address record.
7. Error occurred when open up more than one "Import Item" screen.
8. [U2K2] Post duplicate line no under certain circumstances.
9. Error occurred whenever a user selects UOM class header and click on Record Tab.
10. Updating production date, expiry date or lot no value in Transfer Wizard doesn't go through validation process to ensure configuration comply to Item Profile.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

What's new in 7.1.10 (June 23)

1. A new "Supplier" column is added into Customer Item. This is purely for reporting purpose and no business logic built-in to this feature.

2. Added a bar code field in Item Profile setting

3. Date field in Inventory Movement Screen has a checkbox.

4. You can now enter remark into ASN Header

5. You can select more Item Profile file to be imported at once.

6. Able to filter multiple value in DataGrid of "Setting". Below example show multiple value filter of Bin Profile.

7. User able to make changes to pallet no,lot no,production date and expiry date in Transfer module.

8. Performance improvement for Bin Ledger generate Issue.

9. User can now see the changes history of "Setting" record. Right Click on the left panel of DataGrid and Click on the menu "View Access Record".

10. [U2k2 CN] Add directory monitoring function to check if there is new files to be placed in a configured directory.

Bug Fixed:-

1. Transfer detail fields was still editable when the document was Release or Posted even though the changes cannot be committed.

2. Whenever a user editing content of "Shipment" tab of Issue module, an error message "String was not recognized as a valid datetime" if ETD is blank.

3. Unable to delete a newly created customer profile even though it has not been used.

4. Inventory Balance filter doesn't work according whenever a user try to filter by Party Code.

5. [U2K2]Import U2K2 Order function from File Import menu doesn't work correctly.

Friday 30 April 2010

What's new in version 7.1.10 (Apr 30)


1.New Shortcut Keys
An user can now press "Ctrl + Shift + X" to open Item Profile screen and "Ctrl + Shift + G" to open up New Customer Wizard in Main Form.

2.Filter Notification
Once Data Grid data is filtered, there will be a yellow exclamation mark on the top left side of data grid to notify user that data is filtered. Once the exclamation icon is clicked, the filtered criteria will be shown in a message box.

3. New fields in Update Issue Header form
Added "Reference No" as well as "Consignment Note No" in Update Issue Header form

4.Consignee Validation
While "Releasing" an Issue transaction, Xtreme checks and ensure the input Consignee belongs to the Customer.

5. Issue transaction financial period
"Calendar Financial Period" will be updated whenever Document Date is updated in "Update Issue Header"

6. Document Date validation
Added validation to ensure only document date which financial period is still "OPEN" can be used.

7. "Bin Profile From" and "Bin Profile To" filter

It is now easier for user to locate a Transfer transaction by entering "Bin Profile From" or "Bin Profile To" in main Transfer screen.

8. Notify user if any "OPEN" Transfer transaction when one perform "Order Generate Transfer" process.

This function is configurable in WM Parameter as below.

9. Some of the essential header information such as "Document Date" and "Reference No" cannot be changed if any of the detail line is posted.

10. [U2K2] Added "Item Type" column in Summary of "Inventory Balance".

11. [U2K2] In U2K2 version, "Remark" field of Issue header is only limited to 35 characters due to system interface consideration.

12. Pick Confirm for U2K2 China
12.1 [U2K2 CN] Added Pick Confirm Export Module.
12.2 [U2K2 CN] Added a column of "Pick Confirm GUI" in Issue Header DataGrid.
12.3 [U2K2 CN] User can choose whether to activate U2K2CN in U2K2CN parameters.

Friday 26 March 2010

What's new in 7.0.10


1. Add new column [Consignment Note No.] in Issue Header

2. Add new column [Rejected Quantity] and rename column [Received Quantity] with [Returned Quantity] in Proof of Delivery.

3. Add new column [Item Name2] in Item Profile, New Customer Wizard, Item Profile Wizard and Import Item UI.

4. Add new columns [Palletize] and [Maximum_Ton] in Consignee Profile.

5. Add new column [Remark] in Import Receive.

6. Customer Profile in Setting allows to be filtered by [Activate] column.

7. Add an icon to indicate whether Proof of Delivery in Issue Header has content.

8. Disable OK Button in Update Issue Header UI if there is no amendment.

9. Transfer Reports of Pick List Summary and Loading List Details add in [Serial No.] info.

10. Issue Report of Dispatch Note add in [Total Weight Nett] info if option of display item weight is checked.

11. Add security role for Issue Generate Receive, Issue Generate CDN and Issue Details: Generate Details by Ledger.

12. Tidy up Xtreme Menus' title for business document, make sure it is same as Report title.

Bugs Fixed

1. UI Bug Fixed: Transfer exports to file shows error [System.Object not handled].

2. UI Bug Fixed: Issue Details Generate Receive show error [Missing Type ID].

3. UI Bug Fixed: Issue Details Posted and Generate Receive show error [Missing Type ID].

4. UI Bug Fixed: New personal message does not pop up when system starts.

5. UI Bug Fixed: Import UI will truncate data for those columns' length exceed 20 characters.

6. UI Bug Fixed: If message in Message Profile exceeds maximum length, system will prompt [String will be truncated].

7. UI Bug Fixed: Column Properties show ID Column for Wizard and Setting UI.

New Features

1. Inventory Balance Screen can now Print Label and view Print History.

2. Able to select multiple documents and view Print History.

3. Add new columns [Total Gross Weight], [Total Nett Weight] and [Total Cubage] in Issue Header (calculated in OPEN status).

4. Add new column [Fully Applied] in Issue Header for filtering purpose.

5. Issue Generates Receive allows to bring over the information for selected Header Info (checkbox for field selection). Users can also save the preference of selected Header Info into XML file.