Wednesday 20 April 2016

What's new in 8.7.16 (April 20)

New Features:

1. Combined Pick List sorted by Bin

In order to improve the efficiency of picking process, WMS now provides combined pick list reports which can be viewed by sorting Bin or Item. (Please refer to Image 1.a, 1.b and 1.c)

Image 1.a

Image 1.b

Image 1.c

2.  Minimum Shelf Life 

In certain circumstances, customers require the goods to be sent to their consignee will have specified minimum shelf life from the estimated date arrival. Therefore, this feature has been added in Order module.

(a)  First of all, user need to configure the setting at customer's consignee. (Please refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

(b)  New field [Estimated Date Arrival] added in Order module. An indicator will appear next to it to show the relevant minimum shelf life information. (Please refer to Image 2.b)

Image 2.b

(c) Estimated Date Arrival cannot be blank when the minimum shelf life checking is activated. An error message will prompt when user proceeds allocation without insert the Estimated Date Arrival. (Please refer to Image 2.c)

Image 2.c

(d) During releasing the order, system will verify the allocated stock. A confirmation screen will prompt when the expiry date of the allocation does not fulfill the minimum shelf life. (Please refer to Image 2.d)

Image 2.d