Wednesday 23 June 2010

What's new in 7.1.10 (June 23)

1. A new "Supplier" column is added into Customer Item. This is purely for reporting purpose and no business logic built-in to this feature.

2. Added a bar code field in Item Profile setting

3. Date field in Inventory Movement Screen has a checkbox.

4. You can now enter remark into ASN Header

5. You can select more Item Profile file to be imported at once.

6. Able to filter multiple value in DataGrid of "Setting". Below example show multiple value filter of Bin Profile.

7. User able to make changes to pallet no,lot no,production date and expiry date in Transfer module.

8. Performance improvement for Bin Ledger generate Issue.

9. User can now see the changes history of "Setting" record. Right Click on the left panel of DataGrid and Click on the menu "View Access Record".

10. [U2k2 CN] Add directory monitoring function to check if there is new files to be placed in a configured directory.

Bug Fixed:-

1. Transfer detail fields was still editable when the document was Release or Posted even though the changes cannot be committed.

2. Whenever a user editing content of "Shipment" tab of Issue module, an error message "String was not recognized as a valid datetime" if ETD is blank.

3. Unable to delete a newly created customer profile even though it has not been used.

4. Inventory Balance filter doesn't work according whenever a user try to filter by Party Code.

5. [U2K2]Import U2K2 Order function from File Import menu doesn't work correctly.