Saturday 22 December 2007

Issues in 5.8.7

1. "UOM Code : Measurement" in Item Profile Wizard is not a mandatory field.

2. Item Variant is optional for an item. In our Item profile setting, we allow an item profile to exist without any variant. So our program should just generate the SKU without variant too.

There is no Item Variant for this item, you need to add the Item Variant record first.

UOM is mandatory to generate SKU. However, the message has grammar error

There is no UOM Profile record for this item, you need to add the UOM Profile record first.

should be

"There is no UOM Profile record for this item, you need to configure first at least one UOM for this item."

Last but not least, there is fatal mistake in our Item profile that needs an immediate remedy.

When user try to delete an item profile or its UOM, variant or SKU, our system HAS TO check if those item or particular combination of item has been used before.

Any master file in our system including transport mode, agent, source profile, pallet profile or etc must carry this attribute.

3. When we create an item profile with "Item Profile Wizard". The Production Date and Expiry Date of UOM record has to be both "YES" instead of both "NO"

4. When I first create a customer profile, I am able to save the branch detail and even set the default branch code of customer.
However, when I try to set up pallet source, I should be able to lookup the branch code that I have for this customer but I am unable to. This problem will not occur if I switch to browse mode and return back to the customer profile setup later.


Ah Kit 世傑 said...

I will follow up these issues.

Ah Kit 世傑 said...

Issues fixed.