Wednesday 2 January 2013

What's new in 7.6.13 (January 2)

New Features:

1. In order to facilitate daily WMS operation, Xtreme has introduced several mobile applications which are [Pallet Transfer], [Pallet Quantity], [Pallet Info], [Distribution Picking], [General Picking] and [Full Pallet Picking] by using Panasonic ToughBook. 

(a) Before using those mobile applications, user is required to insert Mobile Device parameters in Xtreme WMS Warehouse Parameters.

(b) User need to login before using Xtreme Mobile Application.

(c) Below is the main menu after login to the application.

(d) [Pallet Transfer] is cater for put away purpose by transferring a pallet to specified bin location. 

(e) [Pallet Quantity] is solely for user to insert quantity per layer, layer and extra quantity of a pallet and system will calculate the total quantity automatically. Both data captured in [Pallet Transfer] and [Pallet Quantity] will then insert into intermediate table in pre-defined interval and a windows service will eventually imports and updates those records into Xtreme's database.

(f) [Pallet Info] is an enquiry screen to check the bin location and quantity of a pallet.

(g) [Distribution Picking], [General Picking] and [Full Pallet Picking] are cater for users to confirm the pallet and quantity they picked and those entries will be updated into Xtreme's database. Users are required to export the document (Export in Issue Header for Distribution Picking and Export in Transfer Header for General and Full Pallet Picking) in Xtreme WMS before proceed to do picking using mobile application.

(h) Exported document and detail will load into [Distribution Picking], [General Picking] and [Full Pallet Picking] automatically.

[Distribution Picking]

[General Picking]

[Full Pallet Picking]

(i) By clicking [Add] button in [Distribution Picking] , the system will prompt up a screen for the user to insert the picked pallet no. and quantity. The entry can be found at the [Pallet] tab once saved.

[Distribution Picking]

(j) When click on [Pick] button in [General Picking] and [Full Pallet Picking], the system will prompt up a screen for the user to insert the pallet quantity to ensure the right pallet is being picked. The only difference of these two picking mobile applications is that [General Picking] only requires Total Quantity whereas [Full Pallet Picking] requires more information likes Quantity Per Layer, Layer and Extra Quantity.

[General Picking]

[Full Pallet Picking]

(h) Those inserted records will then upload to Xtreme's database in timely basic and update the picking information accordingly.