Friday 14 September 2012

What's new in 7.4.12 (August 22)

New Features:

1. Now Xtreme WMS allows users to set the Base UOM of an item and specify larger UOMs that are based on it. Therefore, users can monitor inventory balances and inventory movement base on different UOM of an item. There are several settings need to be changed before applying Base UOM in various transactions. Please note that Base UOM is configurable at item basis. By default, all items added are not applying Base UOM unless users activate them manually.

(a) In order to activate Base UOM of a particular item, users firstly have to set [Applied Base UOM] in Customer Profile to "YES".

(b) Secondly, users are required to tick on the check box and select one of the UOM as Base UOM.

(c) While assigning a customer to this "Base UOM enabled" item, please ensure that the assigned customer's Base UOM is activated; otherwise it will prompt error below:

(d) If users want to check inventory balances and inventory movements in other UOM, they have to specify the desired UOM in [Item Profile] > [Record] > [Default] > [UOM Code: Receive] or [UOM Code: Issue].

(e) System will calculate the converted quantity for other larger UOM base on record added in [Item UOM Conversion].

(f) After the setting of Base UOM has been done, users will find out there are two new columns appears in transaction modules which are [Base UOM Code] and [Base UOM Quantity] after selected a customer which is "Base UOM enabled".

(g) As an example in Receive module, whenever users insert an item with its Receive UOM "CTN", system will automatically look for its Base UOM and store its Base UOM Quantity after conversion. In case below, Base UOM Quantity = 13 * 6 = 78. This logic same applied to other modules such as ASN, Order, Issue, Transfer and Ownership Transfer.

(h) To monitor Inventory Balances and Inventory Movement in different UOM, please select an option in new added field [Show UOM].

(i) By default, system will retrieve inventory balances with default UOM.

(j) By selecting "Receive UOM" in the [Show UOM] field, system will re-calculate the quantity base on the specified Item UOM Conversion.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Error occurs when retrieving back-dated inventory balances.

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Using RFID to track pallet movement

We have been doing research in using RFID to track pallet movement.

The objective of this project is to automatically track the movement of pallet in real-time.

We embedded 2 RFID inlay into each plastic pallet, we also installed RFID reader (Impinj) by the entrance of each room. The moment a pallet enter the room, the RFID reader read the ID of the pallet and "tells" the system it has entered this room in real-time via local area network.

IGLO RFID Test 2012-07-31 from Teng Yong on Vimeo.

Thursday 7 June 2012

What's new in 7.3.12 (June 7)

New Features:

1. Users are enforced to change password after certain configurable interval and system applies Password Policy to enhance login security.

a) Interval setting of changing password can be found under Warehouse Parameters > General.

b) Whenever the date that users last updated password is greater than the interval (in above case, it's 90 days) compared to today's date, users will be requested to change password during their next login.

c) Password policy is applied in this latest version. The requirements are:
    - Password must contain at least one upper case alphabet, lower case alphabet and number in any position.
    - Password's length must between 5 to 20 characters.
   Example of acceptable password: abcDEF123 / 77aA88

2. Added feature to update information of Advanced Shipping Note (ASN) header in batch.

a) Feature can be found at ASN Browse > Function.

b) Fields that available for updating as shown below:

3. Added feature to update information of Transfer header in batch.

a) Feature can be found at Transfer Browse > Function

b) Fields that available for updating as shown below:

Fixed Bugs:

1. User preference cannot be saved in Order and Issue Apply module.

2. Error in show/hide columns in DataGridView.

3. Interface error when adding item detail in Receive, Order and Issue module.