Thursday 13 December 2007

The last version of Year 2007 - 5.9.7 (Under Construction)

Tentative features list
  • Indicate if receive fully associated (done by Ah Kit).
  • import receive, order (under construction).
  • bin replenishment (under construction).
  • pallet label - (IGLO MY completed, done by Ah Kit)
  • prompt user if order not fully allocated (done by Ah Kit).
  • show qty balance, pallet count and measurement in enquiry screen. (done by Anthony)
  • Transport Mode, Transport Agent, Transport Route, Consignee Profile (done by Anthony).
  • Able to print "Transfer Document" for filing purpose (pending).
  • Bug fixed
  • Add Reference No and Document Date filter in Transfer Wizard.
  • Add a new function to allow user to generate receive from Issue.
  • 一般用户可从入库单得知该入库单里的托盘是否与都有RFID晶片。
  • 导入入库单及订单
  • 产品补货
  • 打印托盘标签
  • 当用户要确认一张订单时,如该订单的无法完全满足客户的订购量,系统将会给用户一个提示。
  • 实际库存查询表下方将显示“托盘总数”,“总数量”,“总度量”
  • 可设置各运输资料
  • 可打印英文版的转移单
  • 转移精灵里加入“参考编码”及“单据日期”的搜寻
  • 让用户可从出库单生产入库单

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