Thursday 24 January 2008

Bug Collection and Enhancement Pipeline

Due to "Enhancement Pipeline" listing will be alter as we go along. Tracking it with a blog post is not an appropriate method. Hence, I have created a Google Spreadsheet and invited all the authorized personnel to contribute when we need it.

We also found that using Google Spreadsheet to track our bug can be better than using Excel or open office.

The link of both Google Spreadsheet are now in our side bar.

Friday 11 January 2008

What's New in 6.0.8

What's New in 6.0.8
  • Indicate if receive fully associated. Must upgrade RFID Service!
  • import receive, order.
  • bin replenishment.
  • pallet label.
  • prompt user if order not fully allocated.
  • Show Quantity balance, Pallet Count and Measurement in enquiry screen.
  • Transport Mode, Transport Agent, Transport Route, Consignee Profile Setup.
  • Able to print "Transfer Document" for filing purpose.
  • Bug fixed 5.8.7
  • Add Reference No and Document Date filter in Transfer Wizard.
  • Add a new function to allow user to generate receive from Issue.
  • Generate Issue+Posting in Transfer module.
  • Bug fixed. If palletized is 0 and NULL, set to YES (Get default value from WM Parameters)
  • More Enquiries Screen (Back dated Stock Balance)
  • Enhanced datagrid input (Insert Button)
  • Full item listing in Order and Receive Module.
  • Business document header is no longer hardcoded.
  • If all receive details are posted, we should allow user to post receive header too.
  • System to delete pallet profile if ASN Pallet is deleted.
  • Bug fixed. System should allow user to change financial calendar date when issue is still open.
  • Proof of Delivery
  • System Setting is now with security control
  • Copy and Paste
  • Enhanced "Generate issue details by Ledger" screen. If there is another user using the same pallet or same customer at the same time, user can re-try to save the transaction if the customer has been freed.
  • AutoUpdate
  • Disable Sorting while adding or editing in DataGrid.
  • 一般用户可从入库单得知该入库单里的托盘是否与都有RFID晶片。
  • 导入入库单及订单
  • 产品补货
  • 打印托盘标签
  • 当用户要确认一张订单时,如该订单的无法完全满足客户的订购量,系统将会给用户一个提示。
  • 实际库存查询表下方将显示“托盘总数”,“总数量”,“总度量”
  • 可设置各运输资料
  • 可打印英文版的转移单
  • 转移精灵里加入“参考编码”及“单据日期”的搜寻
  • 让用户可从出库单生产入库单
  • 转移单里加了个新功能-过账+生成出库
  • 如果入库单细节的托盘化没有设定任何值的话,那么系统会根据默认值加入。
  • 多了一个看储存查询介面,能让用户查询旧库存。
  • 加强了细节输入介面
  • 订购单里多了一个选项,那就是可以把该客户的所有产品列出,这个介面可加速如广州和路雪的订单输入。
  • 商务文件不再固定格式。
  • 如果全部收货详细已过账,系统也应允许收货表头过账。
  • 如果入库单里的托盘已删除,系统也应删除托盘简介。
  • 如果交易单仍开放着,系统应允许用户改变财务日历日期。
  • 交货证明书。
  • 系统设置已增加保安控制。
  • 复制与粘贴。
  • 增强"产生出货详细总帐"画面。如果有另一个用户使用同一托盘或同一客户在同一时间内,用户可以再试图挽救交易单,如果客户已经获释。
  • 自动更新
  • 在细节表里作出任何添加或编辑时,排序将会被禁用。

Monday 7 January 2008

Enhance "Generate Issue detail by Ledger"

For certain distribution operations, it is not unusual when more than one users will be using the same pallet at the same time.

As of now (5.8), this is how it happen.

Let's say user A and user B are creating issue document using "Generate Issue detail by Ledger". user A first started it and user B created a bit later while user A still in the middle of doing it before he save.

if user A and B are using at least 1 same pallet, when user B trying to save it, Extreme will prompt user B that some of the bin ledgers are being used by another user. After user B saw this message, the next second is going to be quite an unpleasant moment for him/her. His/her works will be just gone with the wind.

Hence, in order to increase user productivity, our system must not be so cruel to our user B.

Extreme will prompt a friendly message as follows:-

Hello user B, your colleague is using the following pallets.

Pallet A
Pallet B

I regret to inform you that you are not allowed to save the detail for above pallet(s), do you still want to save the rest of the pallet(s)? You may also click "Retry" button to try later.

A note to the person is going to code this part.
Make sure we will not over apply any of the bin ledger record. Extreme hidden slogan "No more negative"