Monday 22 June 2015

What's new in 8.5.15 (June 22)

New Features:

1. Added [Barcode] in Item Profile

Added [Barcode] tab in Item Profile to allow users insert various barcode for tracking purpose. (Please refer to Image 1.a)

Image 1.a

2. [Barcode] renamed as [Reference] in Item Profile

Field name of [Barcode] in Item Profile, Item Profile Wizard and Import Item has been renamed as [Reference]. (Please refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

3. Added [Receive Wizard] at Task Sidebar

A new wizard has been added to improve the efficiency of large amounts of data input by using scanner. This function can be found at [Wizard] in Task Sidebar's inbound category. (Please refer to Image 3.a)

Image 3.a

WMS will prompt an input screen that required user to insert Receive document no before proceed to next screen. (Please refer to Image 3.b)

Image 3.b

After WMS verified the existence of the inserted receive document no., it will show the receive details input screen. Currently the required fields are barcode, lot no. and quantity. (Please refer to Image 3.c)

Image 3.c

User can check the correctness of inserted data at [Summary] screen. They can delete the wrong entry by selecting it and click on [Delete] button and then print the scan data summary for further usage. (Please refer to Image 3.d)

Image 3.d

4. Added [Validate Scan Data] at Receive Details

After insert a large amount of data through Receive Wizard, now user has to verify and import the scan data into Receive details. This function can be found at [Validate Scan Data] in Receive detail. (Please refer to Image 4.a)

Image 4.a

WMS will match with the relevant Item SKU based on the inserted barcode when validation undergoes. If there is any error found, users can still import record partially and rectify the error record afterwards. (Please refer to Image 4.b)

Image 4.b

5. Added [Put Away to Existing Bin] in Receive Details

A feature to help user to put away new receive detail at the existing bin location can now be found at [Put Away to Existing Bin] at Receive details. (Please refer to Image 5.a and Image 5.b)

Image 5.a

WMS will locate a list of existing bin and pallet by matching the selected item SKU and the bin ledger. User has to decide the put away bin location and then click on the [Update] button to finish the task. (Please refer to Image 5.b)

Image 5.b

6. Added several data validation in Receive and Issue module

Several new data validation has been added in both Receive and Issue module to prevent insertion of invalid data due to carelessness. The system will prompt notification during release or post a document when the scenario below occurs (Please refer to Image 6.a): 

[Receive module]
(a) Difference between Shipment Time and Unloading Start is beyond 10 days.
(b) Difference between Unloading Start and Unloading End is beyond 1 day.
(c) Difference between Shipment Time and Pull Out Time is beyond 10 days.

[Issue module]
(a) Difference between Transport Arrival Time and Transport Departure Time is beyond 10 days.
(b) Difference between Start Loading Time and Pull Out Time is beyond 10 days.

Image 6.a