Thursday 14 April 2011

What's new in 7.3.11 (Apr 12 / Aug 23 / Sep 28)

New Features:

1. Added User Defined Fields in Details.

a) Firstly, users have to define customized field(s) in setting. (Setting > Data > User Defined Fields)

b) There is 7 columns in user defined fields settting.
i) Code
ii) Name
iii) Data Type
iv) Length
v) Mandatory (System will check whether data has been inserted for this field if Mandatory set to YES)
vi) Post To Bin Ledger (System will only recognize this field as filter criteria while doing allocation automatically or manually if set to YES)
vii) Description

c) If Data Type is Lookup, user have to setup Lookup Option.

d) After setup user defined field, users have to assign it into Customer Profile > User Defined Fields.

e) User defined field will only show in Detail for those assigned Customers.

f) Besides, user defined field is searchable in Search Wizard.

2. Archive Bin Ledgers for those calendar financial period code has been closed.

a) For the first time archive, user has to run the individual Archive Bin Ledger program.

b) Afterward, when users try to change the status of calendar financial period to CLOSED, system will prompt a confirmation dialog. If users confirm to proceed, system will move relevant bin ledger(s) to archived table.

c) And vice versa, when users reopen the calendar financial period, system will move relevant bin ledgers from archived table back to its origin.

3. Preview User Defined Report when mouse hover on Report Treenodes and it allow users to set visibility of preview depend on their account. For closing the preview image, user can just click on the image itself.

4. Added UI of [Add Detail] in Order and Issue detail module to help users insert detail with splitted quantity according to UOM Conversion Factor.

a) in EDIT mode, click on Add detail in tool strip menu at right top corner.

b) In below [Add Detail] screen, quantity will be split into different UOM based on UOM Conversion factor. Inserted UOM will be served as the lowest level and split the inserted quantity upwards according to the UOM hierarchy of the specified item.

c) Finally it will be split into 5 lines with different UOM for this example. Same applied to the Issue module.

5. Added [Container Details] tab in Receive Module to allow users insert container details into WMS for tracking purpose.

6. Added notification of pallet with multiple item SKU during posted in Order and Issue.

What's new in 7.2.11 (Feb 14 and Mar 24)

New Features:

1. Update Physical Pallet Count in Issue Header.

2. Order can generate multiple issues by customized UI.

3. [U2K2] Export Stock Reconciliation which triggered by U2K2 Windows Service at specified time.


1. Updated latest Xtreme Logo.

2. Users can customize font color for each column.

3. Calculate Production Date if Expiry Date inserted in detail.

4. Added contact info in Customer Profile Setting and Wizard.

[Customer Profile]

[New Customer Wizard]

5. Added filter criteria [Party Reference No.] in Issue Header Browse.

6. Added filter criteria [Profile Reference No.] in Transfer Header Browse.

7. [U2K2] Standardize ASN generates Receive UI

8. [U2K2] Posting is restricted if document date is not within current calendar financial period. For example, user posts a document dated as 20-March at April.

9. Added Calculation Expire Date By Month in Item Profile Setting.

10. WM Parameters added column of [Load Planning] in Module tab.

11. Item can be deleted if there is no transaction using it without prior to delete item sku and customer item first.

12. In Import ASN/Receive, system will calculate Date Expire and insert into detail if it is not provided.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Login UI shows logo in black background when Windows in XP Style Silver Theme.
2. Print Hitory Summary performs slow when changing to
3. List all item profiles should sorted by item code instead of item id.
4. Once header has been deleted, but data still showing in detail.
5. DataGridView using [Filter (F7)] will create UI problem.
6. If length of Remark exceeds 2000 characters, detele details will hit error.
7. Failure while saving detail in Calendar financial period when insert both header and detail data.
8. Address Line in Import Order/Issue has only 20 max length.
9. UI of New Customer Wizard not able to show error indication completely.
10. New Customer Wizard & Customer Profile should insert data into User Accessibility when saving new record.
11. Customer Profile not checking uniqueness of CODE when inserting new record.
12. Paste Customer Branch Code in Customer Item creates error branch IDs.
13. If "Variant" field of Item Profile is set to "No", we shouldn't allow user to create any variant code. If the "Variant field is set to "Yes", we have to force user to have at least one variant code before generate SKU.
14. Filter (Viewed) in Message Inbox and Outbox is not functioning when select "NO".
15. Data which allow Read-Only in Transfer detail can be edited.
16. Setting treeview will create error if select a node and drag it.
17. Duplicate document will fail if transaction has no tracking record involved.
18. Load Planning Generates Issue didn't deduct quantity in WM Bin Ledger Allocation table from [Balance_Quantity] to [Quantity_Entry].
19. In UI of ASN Generates Receive, append to existing Receive details not working.
20. Validation of start on and due date for Task.
21. Validation of Quantity/Measurement in Issue Wizard has been rectified as greater than zero instead of greater than one.
22. System will insert record of Non-tracking item into receive tracking during ASN Generates Receive.
23. Auto Allocation in Order/Issue/OT not involved filter criteria of [Date Production: To] and [Date Expire: To].
24. In Order/Issue, system hits error when click on Save button after key in data in list all details and remove unedited quantity.
25. In Order, change item type is allowed even detail already has apply.
26. Order and Bin Replenishment generates Transfer without data of Date Production: To, Date Expire: To and Lot No: To.
27. Insert data in Proof of Delivery manually doesn't capture inserted/updated user and datetime.
28. Consignee info is missing in Transfer header after Order Generated Picking.
29. Consignee Name in Customer Profile cannot be same.