Monday 21 March 2016

What's new in 8.7.16 (March 21)

New Features:

1. Added security access at Master Profile

Various security access controls of master profile have been added in this release which includes: (Please refer to Image 1.a)
  • Apply Sequence Detail
  • Bin Group Item 
  • Bin Stocktake Details
  • Consignee Address Record
  • Consignee Zone
  • Consignment Source Profile
  • Customer Branch
  • Customer Consignee Profile
  • Customer Item
  • Customer Pallet Source
  • Customer Reason Profile
  • Customer Sender Profile
  • Customer Supplier Profile
  • Customer Tolerance
  • Customer User Defined Field
  • Financial Period Status
  • Item Barcode
  • Item Cross Reference
  • Item Halal Certification
  • Item SKU
  • Item UOM Conversion
  • Item UOM Profile
  • Item Variant
  • Pallet Type Item
  • Security Role
  • Security Role Detail
  • Sender Address Record
  • Sender Zone
  • Supplier Address Record
  • UOM Class Detail
Image 1.a

 2. Added search function for assigning master setting's security access

A search function has been added in master setting's security access to improve the user experience. User can now short-list the options by filtering code and name. (Please refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

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