Monday 29 February 2016

What's new in 8.6.16 (February 29)

New Features:

1. Added new customized report [Dispatch Note Provisional (AFC006)] at Issue module

A new report of  [Delivery Order with Lot No. and Serial No.] is now available at Issue Module. (Please refer to Image 1.a)

Image 1.a

2. Added quantity verification when generate issue by transfer 

A confirmation screen prompts whenever user generates issue by transfer and the selected transfer(s) has been partially in used by other ledger. (Please refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

3. Added Status and includes import error message in NZM Export Log

A status drop-down list has been added as new filter criteria for user to check NZM export log in a more efficient way. (Please refer to Image 3.a)

Image 3.a

4. Re-structure Setting Access Record

Information of [Details] and [Audit] has been grouped under [Record] tab. (Please refer to Image 4.a).

Image 4.a
5. Remove report of [Dispatch Note] and [Dispatch Note Summary] at Issue module

6. Added Fax field at Delivery Order and Tax Invoice for customer AEF368 

7. Added Delivery Address at Tax Invoice for customer AEF368

Bug Fixed:

1. Fix bug at User's Preference of Search Wizard
2. Fix bug at Stocktake generates details by criteria

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