Friday 4 September 2015

Re-organize of Outbound Business Documents

Over the years, we have been creating many business documents for outbound processes, as for delivery process alone, different customer has different requirements in how a Delivery Note (Dispatch Note) or Delivery Order should look like.

It is time for us to consolidate and re-organize of business documents and we wish to use this blog post to explain the different of each.

Below is a more illustrative menu in Issue module. The menu Item in Bold are Delivery related, in which are Delivery Note or Invoice.

IMPORTANT: The top 2 menu Item "Dispatch Note" and "Dispatch Note Summary" will be deprecated in future version, therefore, please refrain to use it from now onward and start to get used for new business document explained below.
  1. Delivery Order
    1. Standard - This is the simplest form of Delivery Order with Item Code, Name, UOM and Quantity at the line level.
    2. with Base UOM - Certain customers requested to indicate base UOM in Delivery Order, for instance, a carton of chocolate with 10 inners.
  2. Dispatch Note (Temp Ctrl)
    1. Standard - Temp Ctrl stands for "Temperature Controlled", since Xtreme WMS was first designed for temperature controlled warehouse, the original Dispatch Note was designed to show temperature setting of the truck that does delivery.
  3. Customized
    1. Under the menu of Customized, there are bunch of Delivery Orders or Invoices that we customized for specific customers.

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