Friday 28 August 2015

What's new in 8.5.15 (August 28)

New Features:

1. Added [Bin Code] in Receive Wizard

Xtreme WMS added an optional field [Bin Code] in Receive Wizard. (Please refer to Image 1.a)

Image 1.a

2. Added [End Loading Time] in Issue Header 

Xtreme WMS added [End Loading Time] field in Issue Header for tracking purpose. (Please refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

3. Added [Palletized] field in [Update Receive Details Info] in Receive Module

Users can now update [Palletized] field by using the [Update Receive Details Info] wizard in Receive details. (Please refer to Image 3.a and 3.b)

Image 3.a

Image 3.b

4. Added [Item Category] and [Item Billing Group] in Item Profile
Two new columns [Item Category] and [Item Billing Group] have been added into Item Profile setting for the record management purpose. In order to look up available options for both columns, the user has to first set up these two profiles in settings. (Please refer to Image 4.a and 4.b)

Image 4.a

Image 4.b

5.  Supplier Profile has a new facelift

(a) Supplier profile user interface has been re-designed to enhance record management experience. Supplier record is now searchable through code, name and active status. Besides, it consolidates supplier address to facilitate the input process. (Refer to Image 5.a and 5.b)

Image 5.a

Image 5.b

(b) Users can assign supplier to the customer by using the new function [Assign to Customer] at the right top corner of Supplier Profile. It will prompt a dialogue box for users to choose customer code. (Refer to Image 5.c and 5.d)

Image 5.c

Image 5.d

6. Added [Active] column in various settings

Various settings have been added a [Active] column for standardization. Hence, users can only look up for options which active status is set to YES. Below is the list of amended settings:
  • Address Type
  • Apply Sequence
  • Bin Type
  • Bin Group
  • Customer Consignee
  • Customer Supplier
  • Customer Sender
  • Consignee Group
  • Consignment Source
  • User Defined Field
  • User Defined Field Option
  • Item Type
  • UOM Profile
  • UOM Class
  • Module Profile
  • Module Source
  • Source Profile
  • Pallet Type
  • Warehouse Profile 

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