Friday 14 February 2014

What's new in 8.1.14 (February 14)

New Features:

1. Transport Capacity

[Transport Capacity] has been added in Settings' Transport category. (Refer to Image 1.a)

Image 1.a

2. Request of Transport (ROT)

(a) ROT module can be found at the side menu under [Distribution] category. A short-cut key (Ctrl + Shift + Q) has been assigned to it. (Refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

(b) Structure of ROT

Header of ROT consists of three tabs:
1) General : Includes information of Warehouse, Party, Branch, Document No., Document Date, Reference No. and Status. (Refer to Image 2.b)
2) User Defined Field: Includes four pre-set fields which are Goods Owner, Notify when Collect Return Pallet, ETA and Mode of Unloading / Loading. (Refer to Image 2.c)
3) Remark

Detail of ROT consists of two tabs:
1) Details: Users can keep track of the the size and quantity of transport capacity needed for distribution purpose. (Refer to Image 2.b)
2) Dispatch Note: Users can add or delete a dispatch note. (Refer to Image 2.d)

Image 2.b

Image 2.c

Image 2.d

(c) Assign Issue to ROT

A new header function [Assign to Request of Transport] can be found at Issue module. (Refer to Image 2.e) Selected Issue documents must have same warehouse, party and branch information in order to assign to ROT in batch. If some of the Issue documents in batch selection already assigned to another ROT , system will ignore them and assign the rest of it to the chosen ROT instead. (Refer to Image 2.f)

Image 2.e

Image 2.f

3. CDN renamed as Shipment

[Shipment] module (formerly known as CDN) can be found at Distribution category. (Refer to Image 3.a)

Image 3.a

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