Monday 10 March 2014

Real-time Pallet Location Tracking Solution with Panasonic Toughbook

In a warehouse, knowing where the product is sometimes isn't sufficient, very often a warehouse operator is required to ship product in FIFO (First-IN-First-OUT) or FEFO (First EXPIRE First OUT) manner.

In IGLO , every pallet is given an unique number and we track location (or bin) of each pallet. As there are more than thousand of pallets being put away or moved in a day, getting pallet location up-to-date by manual data entry is a challenge. Hence, we developed a very easy-to-use program to let our forklift driver update pallet location and transmit through WiFi to the application server. With such, IGLO can now have up-to-date pallet location accuracy.

[Figure 1 - Reach Truck with heated cabin which makes Barcode scanning impractical]

[Figure 2 - A Panasonic Toughbook mounted on IGLO's reach truck]

[Figure 3 - Ultra easy-to-use User Interface]

[Figure 4 - Pallet Location Update records in Xtreme WMS]

Watch below video to see how a pallet being updated.

Warehouse Pallet Location Updating with Panasonic Toughbook from Teng Yong on Vimeo.

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