Tuesday 27 May 2008

Convert WIC Production Batch Number to Production and Expiry Date

There is a new function to be shipped in version 6.4.8. The objective of this function is to convert WIC Production Batch Number to its respective Production Date and Expiry Date in WM Receive Details.

The WIC Production Batch Number needs to comply to a fixed format given by WIC.
1. It has to be a number and no character.
2. It represent the day of the product being produced. The first digit represents the year of production. If it is 2008, then it is "8". The last 3 digit represents the number of days in that year. If the day of production is the 10th day of the year 2008, which means 10th January 2008. The Production Batch Number will be 8010. This function is to read 8010 and make production date of the particular detail to 10 Jan 2008 and calculate the subsequent expiry date.

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