Monday 7 January 2008

Enhance "Generate Issue detail by Ledger"

For certain distribution operations, it is not unusual when more than one users will be using the same pallet at the same time.

As of now (5.8), this is how it happen.

Let's say user A and user B are creating issue document using "Generate Issue detail by Ledger". user A first started it and user B created a bit later while user A still in the middle of doing it before he save.

if user A and B are using at least 1 same pallet, when user B trying to save it, Extreme will prompt user B that some of the bin ledgers are being used by another user. After user B saw this message, the next second is going to be quite an unpleasant moment for him/her. His/her works will be just gone with the wind.

Hence, in order to increase user productivity, our system must not be so cruel to our user B.

Extreme will prompt a friendly message as follows:-

Hello user B, your colleague is using the following pallets.

Pallet A
Pallet B

I regret to inform you that you are not allowed to save the detail for above pallet(s), do you still want to save the rest of the pallet(s)? You may also click "Retry" button to try later.

A note to the person is going to code this part.
Make sure we will not over apply any of the bin ledger record. Extreme hidden slogan "No more negative"

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"Enhance "Generate Issue detail by Ledger"" has done.