Wednesday 23 July 2014

What's new in 8.1.14 (July 23)

New Features:

1. Customized Import Order for Customer (AEF368)

A customized import order user interface for customer (AEF368) has been added. (Refer to Image 1.a and Image 1.b)

Image 1.a

Image 1.b

1. Auto Allocation Criteria in Issue Module

(a) Xtreme WMS will prompt a criteria dialogue box when user clicks on the [Auto Allocation] function in Issue Header or Detail. Option [Default] is selected initially. (Refer to Image 2.a)

Image 2.a

(b) In the below scenario, Xtreme WMS will search through available bin ledgers to fulfil the default and additional criteria which includes specified document no., bin code and only lookup for item which has one pallet. (Refer to Image 2.b)

Image 2.b

3. New column [Last Posted By] and [Posted Datetime]

User now can check the information of posted transaction in a more convenient way. New columns of [Last Posted By] and [Posting Datetime] are added in header and detail at transaction modules like Receive / Transfer / Issue / Ownership Transfer and Cycle Count. (Refer to Image 3.a)

Image 3.a

3. Transport Mode Confirmation

(a) Transport mode can define the range of pallet no. that can fit in. (Refer to Image 3.a)

Image 3.a

(b) When the user changes a document's status to RELEASE in Receive module, Xtreme WMS will check on the number of pallets in detail whether within the range that defined in the selected transport mode. A summary screen will prompt if there is any discrepancy. (Refer to Image 3.b)

Image 3.b

(c) Confirmation is required if user decides to change status of above documents for future tracking purpose. (Refer to Image 3.c)

Image 3.c

(d) Afterwards, user can track the person who confirms the selected transport mode and when it confirmed. (Refer to Image 3.d)

Image 3.d

Fixed Bugs:

1. Error occurs in Item Profile Wizard.

2. Error occurs during selecting a row and paste content when using self-defined field sequence in Import.

3. Error occurs when paste date/datetime value with wrong format in Import.

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