Thursday 30 September 2010

What's new in 7.1.10 (Aug 26 and 9.30)


1. Source code cannot be changed once a document is saved.

2. Added "Total Quantity" and "Sum" in "Batch Update Transfer Details"

3. "Transport Departure Datetime" is made to be a mandatory filed for Issue Module.

4. Additional blank space of Code and Name in Customer Branch will be trimmed before saved.

5. You can now have customized sequence of fields for Importing Item Profile

6. Able to duplicate more than one copy.

7. Prevent SQL Injection.

Bugs Fixed:-

1. Delete Issue Header was not recorded in Deletion Log
2. Search Wizard Deleted Document
3. Double Click on exclamation mark of Consignee and Supplier Profile Datagrid does not show filter criteria.
4. Import Issue does not import pallet no if pallet type value is blank.
5. There was an error message reads "Same customer item with different supplier must have same data for other columns" on saving customer item.
6. Can't add Address State to a Consignee Address record.
7. Error occurred when open up more than one "Import Item" screen.
8. [U2K2] Post duplicate line no under certain circumstances.
9. Error occurred whenever a user selects UOM class header and click on Record Tab.
10. Updating production date, expiry date or lot no value in Transfer Wizard doesn't go through validation process to ensure configuration comply to Item Profile.

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